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Integrating Your Adsense Ads with Your Site and Using ColorZilla

don’t distract, detract from your design, or scream “I’m an Ad!” A general rule which usually works for me is to keep the background color of my ads the same as the background color surrounding them, the text and URL the same color as the text on the page, and the title the same color […]

Free SEO Advice from Google

There seem to be an endless quantity of eBooks and training materials available on the subject of Search Engine Optimization. Some of these are very good and others are not. But its sometimes struck me as interesting, how seldom I hear people recommending the free SEO advice which is available from the horse’s mouth itself […]

Contests for Traffic

Lately there seem to be quite a few bloggers using contests to get more traffic to their blogs.  Smart idea, if your blog is already big enough and/or you have some resources or connections. One example is this post here at John Cow, http://www.johncow.com/win-big-time-with-storestacker/.  It’s like a virtual raffle where you earn more raffle tickets […]

Holly Mann’s Honest Honest Riches 3

Holly is well known for teaching people to work from home and make money online. Her eBook can be easily read, understood, and used, by even the complete beginner. But those who have been involved in Internet Marketing for years can still learn and benefit from her eBook.