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This Applies to Internet Marketing

A little while ago I was looking back on the time I have spent learning Internet Marketing, experimenting, studying, applying what I learned, making mistakes, learning from them, figuring things out, and accomplishing big and little victories along the way. During most of that time, Internet Marketing was a sideline activity which I played around […]


Hi – at the moment I’m not promoting the “Pay Per Play” program because it just doesn’t seem to be doing too well. So I am updating this post here. In the field of Internet Marketing I think it is important to be continuously aware of and willing to try new concepts and new ideas. […]

Clean Up Your Digital Mess

In your Internet Marketing aspirations do you ever feel dispersed? Going off in all different directions in your online income-generating pursuits? Do you have a folder (or even worse, a desktop) full of downloaded E-books, the ones you paid for as well as a zillion “free bonuses?” Does the “Bookmarks” or “Favorites” menu in your […]