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Internet Marketing: Too Many Eggs in One Basket?

While it’s important not to spread oneself thin and try to work on too many projects at once, it’s also important to develop multiple streams of income. One has to find a proper balance between the two. Generating multiple streams of income is not just a wealth-generation strategy, it is also a matter of increased […]

Have You Tried Chitika?

Chitika is a great way to add monetization to an existing blog, even if it is already monetized with another program. You can add Chitika ads to your site without worrying crowding too many adds around your content (keep reading to see why I say this).

What to do if you get “fired” as an affiliate, by Amazon or anyone else, because of the state you live in

You may have heard about the recent commotion when Amazon.com and other affiliate networks had to drop all affiliates from certain states. If you lived in North Carolina, Hawaii, or Rhode Island, you might have received a notification from Amazon that you could no longer be their affiliate. For some people this may not seem […]

Integrating Your Adsense Ads with Your Site and Using ColorZilla

don’t distract, detract from your design, or scream “I’m an Ad!” A general rule which usually works for me is to keep the background color of my ads the same as the background color surrounding them, the text and URL the same color as the text on the page, and the title the same color […]


Hi – at the moment I’m not promoting the “Pay Per Play” program because it just doesn’t seem to be doing too well. So I am updating this post here. In the field of Internet Marketing I think it is important to be continuously aware of and willing to try new concepts and new ideas. […]