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Website Analysis Tools for Search Engine Optimization

There are certain tools and websites out there which will analyze your website and tell you what is good, bad, or needs improvement from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) viewpoint. I will list some of these tools here and add more as I find them.

Paid Website Analysis Tool

This is a tool which I use and swear by, but it isn’t free:

  • SEO Elite Find your positions in the SERPs for different keywords, analyze your own or your competitions’ backlinks, find out how many of your webpages are indexed, and many other features.

Free Website Analysis Tools

  • Scrub the Web This site has a free service where it analyzes your website to see if its individual pages are “search engine friendly,” and whether it finds anything you should improve on how your pages are created, in order to benefit your standings in the Search Engines.
  • Google Ranking Report Find out how (and if) you rank on Google for your keywords (that is, what your position is on the Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs).
  • Yahoo Site Explorer Find out how many backlinks there are to your site (on Yahoo), how many pages you have indexed, etc.
  • A wealth of data on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standings of your site.
  • Page Strength Find out the “Strength” of your pages.
  • Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool Find out the density (percentage) of different keywords on your site.
  • SEO for Firefox This Firefox Addon allows you to see tons of SEO-related data about the sites you are visiting, as well as about the sites you view in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).  It is easy to toggle on and off once it is installed (you would probably want it off during normal browsing).
  • Alexa One of the most important benchmark sites for determining a site’s quality.
  • Copyscape Check your site for duplicate content (I really like this tool).
  • Backlink Analyzer this tool analyzes your backlinks and gives you all sorts of data on them.
  • Internal Page Rank Checker Find out the page rank of your internal pages.
  • Webpage Similarity Checker Compare two webpages and find out how similar they are.  Good for checking on duplicate content.


Okay … actually there are a lot more but I am running out of time.  I will come back later to add more to this page.  Bookmark me!  Subscribe to email updates or to my RSS Feed.


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