Changing my Mind about StomperNet

StomperNet teaches SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), eCommerce, and a lot more on the subject of Internet Marketing, but I have primarily learned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from them. They offer a lot of free information and guidance, as well as a monthly newsletter subscription, and, for those who are up to it, there is a […]

Last September/October I had some problems with StomperNet. If you haven’t heard of StomperNet, it is essentially an organization or network of “like-minded entrepreneurs who constantly compare notes on how to run a successful online business.”

They teach SEO, eCommerce, and a lot more on the subject of Internet Marketing, but I have primarily learned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from them. They offer a lot of free information and guidance, as well as a monthly newsletter subscription, and, for those who are up to it, there is a very expensive membership. But the subject of this blog post is the information they offer for free and at low cost – I am not an “expensive-membership person” myself.

The fact is that their data is basic, powerful, easy to implement, and very useful.

I ordered a free trial of their newsletter last September, and got several free bonuses for trying it out. I had a hard time canceling and I got pretty annoyed.

In the end it turned out that I had two email addresses in the system due to different times I signed up for their newsletter, and this was causing the confusion, where I would log into the wrong account and not be able to cancel. Granted, the setup did not make it very easy to tell that it was the wrong email address. Also I had asked for the newsletter to be sent to my address in Europe but it was instead sent to my billing address in the US. Okay, so I was annoyed and fed up. Eventually I was able to cancel and I saw my newsletter months later when I returned to the States.

Due the life, work, and the sheer quantity of informational products I have acquired but not been able to study, it was months before I had a chance to look at the data I received from StomperNet. I still have not been able to progress very far through their materials (due to the time problem).

But I managed to start. And what I did study left me very impressed, and led me to change my views completely on StomperNet.

The information I get from StomperNet on SEO is high-quality, simple to understand and implement, and effective

One thing I appreciate is the amount of important data I was able to learn in a small amount of time, which I could instantly implement on any Internet Marketing campaign I was actively working on.

Another thing I appreciate is that they focus on importances.  While I was studying their materials I realized that some of what they taught was totally new, while of of it was of the “shouldn’t that have already been obvious?” category. 

But the fact is, we tend to overlook the most important and obvious basics.  Having someone bring these to our attention with red and yellow flags makes a big difference.

Additionally, if you read my post (at Holly Mann’s blog) called The Story of Suzie, or my follow-up post, If You Want a Project to Succeed, you will understand why I am trying to avoid spending time on:

  • Learning new and unfamiliar fields of Internet Marketing before I have carried through with my existing projects
  • Learning techniques and strategies which I would only be able to implement if I would start an entire new project which would distract me from my current incomplete projects
  • Studying anything with a high noise-to-signal ration (ie., lots of jabber, listening to people who spend a lot of time saying one thing or who repeat themselves often, informational products with a lot of unnecessary and time-consuming chit-chat, etc.)
  • Downloading any informational product, free or otherwise, which requires a lot of time and energy from me before I acquire the product (like 10 upsells, having to navigate through numerous pages, long introductory videos, before I actually get to the point, etc.)

Fortunately, I have found that the information I receive from StomperNet is none of the above. It is highly valuable, I can use it in just about any field of Internet Marketing I am involved in, and it works. I have already tried it out with one of my existing sites and saw results in terms of revenue.

I am referring to three things here – the 7-Deadly SEO Mistakes, The Net Effect Magazine, and the bonus materials I received when I signed up for The Net Effect trial (bonuses included a couple of CDs/Videos).

A few examples off the top of my head:

  • Did you know that there are certain types of keywords and key phrases which people search for when they are just researching, and certain types they search for when they want to buy? And that there is a very simple way to tell the difference between the two? When you find out the difference you might react like I did and think, “Duh, that was obvious but I missed it!” And then realize that you have been going after the “research” types of key phrases instead of the “buy” types of key phrases for years, without even realizing it.
  • Did you know that there is one key element to ranking any site high in Search Engines which requires no real skill, but just knowing that it should be done? (I read about it in The Net Effect Issue 1.)
  • Did you know that a meta-description with ellipses (…) gets a lower click through rate than one without ellipses?
  • Did you know how many characters your meta description should have in order to avoid ellipses? (Learned in the 7 Deadly SEO Mistakes)
  • Did you know that some simple changes you make to a site might result in lower traffic, buy higher revenue, because the traffic you do get will be more targeted? And do you know what types of simple changes those are?

These are a few of the data I learned from the StomperNet materials. And not with “hours of study.” I barely have started to study the materials at all – because my schedule is so crazy.

But when I compare this data, to other Internet Marketing data I have on my “read me list” I have to say, the value-per-minute-of-study of what I learn from StomperNet, is very high in comparison. And the data I learn there is vital.

This is not “new techniques and strategies which I could one day implement if I start a new project.” No, this is data that I can apply right now, to just about any existing project or Internet Marketing campaign I have going, which will add to its success and speed up its progress.

I have already started to apply what I have learned what little study I have done of StomperNet’s data, and it has had immediate results in terms of increased traffic and income.

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10 Responses to “Changing my Mind about StomperNet”

  1. Mark Sierra at
    May 27, 2009 at 11:47 pm #

    There practically wasn’t a place on the Web that wasn’t buzzing about StomperNet last year. I got caught up in the excitement as well and managed to get their freebies. I canceled in time before being charged the rather exorbitant subscription fee for their magazine. But like you, I was restricted by time and only managed to get to their materials here and there as time allowed.

    I’m still suffering from time constraints, but I do think they offer some useful information. Just how useful will be answered once I get more into their content.

    Btw, nice new theme here! 🙂

    Mark Sierra at’s last blog post..Part 2 of What To Do With Low-Paying CPC Keywords

  2. Forest
    May 28, 2009 at 11:11 am #

    Hey Anna,

    It’s great to turn around and let people know that you changed your mind.

    I generally stay away from overhype so ignored all the Stompernet stuff… Not because I thought it was useless but because I am trying hard not to get distracted by such things.

    Forest’s last blog post..$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 2

  3. Anna
    May 29, 2009 at 3:53 pm #

    @Mark – Yep, I understand. I didn’t get involved in promoting it last year as I have my “promote what you know” policy. And I have only had a time to listen to and read a small portion of those free bonuses. But despite their high costs (for what isn’t free) and some of their non-optimum cancellation processes, the information really is useful and worthwhile.

  4. Anna
    May 29, 2009 at 3:59 pm #

    @Forest Yeah I think so too. Sometimes I think the over-hype backfires and scares us off from what might actually be a good product.

  5. Tracy
    June 3, 2009 at 9:40 am #

    I actually know several paying members of StomperNet and all of them have e-commerce sites that are doing well. It is expensive to join, and I have not made the leap myself, but it seems very worth the money.

  6. Namrata@Seo Manchester
    June 25, 2009 at 12:03 am #

    Stompernet is a very big team and also learning something new from them is a very good way to have all the stuffs with you that you always want to learn and also, all that you mention in the post about them is very useful.

    Thanks Anna for this post as I will realy going to have this for me.

  7. ElvisPredley@raviolipastamachine
    June 26, 2009 at 9:16 pm #

    I found their free content to be extremely useful. I’m not very good at this whole online marketing thing, so i learned a great deal from their videos, and signed up for the Formula Five thing. Wow, can you say information overload! Don’t get me wrong, it’s GREAT info, but my goodness you need a lot of time and FOCUS to get the most out of it. Overall I have no complaints at all and they’re great to deal with.

  8. Anna
    June 27, 2009 at 2:25 am #

    Elvis, I know what you mean. It can be tough to balance doingness with information intake. Both are so important! Thanks for your input regarding Stompernet, I appreciate it. It helps my readers judge things better when they can see what others have to say about it as well. I hope to see you more on this blog 🙂

  9. david
    October 27, 2009 at 10:46 am #

    when I was in stomper i found that the forum was full of people making sales pitches. Since I was paying something like 800 dollars per month back then, it seemed like overkill to have to pay more to get a ‘consultation’ with the experts that stomper ‘hired’.

    I know the cost is $200 per month now, but do you really think you are getting your money’s worth. You admitted yourself that you have only studied a few things. Do you think you will get continued value month after month with it?

    Everyone has their own opinion, I don’t think it is worth it – not at all…

  10. Anna
    October 27, 2009 at 10:54 am #

    @david – Everything I have ever studied of Stompernet has been highly useful and effective. You might try some of their free materials in order to determine this for yourself. I am not sure if the $200 per month is a worthwhile investment, as it depends largely on who is investing, what your business model is, etc.

    You could try this if you like, which is totally free, no credit card or Paypal involved:

    I found the information that was provided in the free service above to be extremely valuable, though simple, and I use it to this day.

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