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Personal posts, thoughts, and activities, which are not necessarily directly related to entrepreneurship or Internet Marketing.

Holly Mann’s Honest Honest Riches 3

Holly is well known for teaching people to work from home and make money online. Her eBook can be easily read, understood, and used, by even the complete beginner. But those who have been involved in Internet Marketing for years can still learn and benefit from her eBook.

Review of Holly Mann’s Honest Riches 3

The first purchase I ever made in the field of Internet Marketing was Holly Mann’s eBook, Honest Riches. I still consider it the best investment I ever made in this field. Without this eBook I would have never gotten started in learning how to make money online and actually building up real streams of online […]

Once Upon a Time …

In the year 2001, I had never used the Internet. I decided to try it. I went to a library and opened up Internet Explorer. I stared at it. I think I even went to the address line of the browser and typed the word “Internet” in hopes that I would receive some kind of […]