About Me

(Last updated in 2008)

My name is Anna Williams.

I’m not a make-money-online guru, I’m not an advanced Search Engine Optimization specialist, and I don’t give $3000 seminars on how to become a millionaire online.

I’m an ordinary girl, about 5′ 2″ with long brown hair. All of my “business” online is done through my beloved laptop.

I work on my online endeavors in my bedroom, in coffee shops, in public libraries, in local parks, in city buses, on the subway, on boats, on trains, and even occasionally in my office. I have created website pages while sitting in long distance buses, traveling to other countries; on international ferries crossing the sea at 4 am in the morning; at my sister’s kitchen table; at my mother’s kitchen table; in my bed; on picnic tables; in playgrounds; and just about anywhere, and any time, that I have found it possible.

I began my online ventures a few years ago when, by chance, I came upon a book called Honest Riches, by Holly Mann. I was sitting in the local library with my laptop. As I remember, I was doing some research about the average per capita incomes of persons in various countries. Somehow, while searching for terms such as “income” and “online information” I came across information on the subject of “making money online.”

Prior to that time, I had no clue about this field. I had never heard of Affiliate Marketing, Adsense, Pay Per Click, or any of these things. In fact, I was fairly new to the Internet and I have to admit that I didn’t really know what a URL was, what a domain name was, or what a website was. The subject of “HTML” was so foreign to me that I didn’t even know it was used to make website pages, and … well, you get the idea.

When I came across this information about making money online I began to get very interested and to disperse off of my original task. Why? Well, to make a long story short, I like to have time to work on humanitarian projects and activities.  Doing this full-time becomes difficult when one doesn’t have money to survive.  Working a full-time job (so as to have money to survive) does not leave enough time left over for other projects, humanitarian or otherwise.  Certainly, one can use nights and weekends if one is not too exhausted … but I would much prefer to set up a better system.  My goal is to build up my own websites and online projects to a point where I will not have to worry about money and can concentrate on what I consider to be more vital tasks.

I bought Holly Mann’s eBook, Honest Riches, after doing some research about her online and determining that she looked like a pretty well-intentioned individual. Of course it helped that her eBook was inexpensive and had a money-back guarantee. But I never asked for any refund on that eBook.

In any case, I read her book and the fun began. Since that time I have learned quite a lot – from her, from others, and from my own trial and error and experiences.

Although I can’t say I have made it to being a millionaire, I do have some websites which are successfully generating income and this income is increasing every month.

Why I Created Building from Nothing

This particular site, Building from Nothing, is a bit of a “side project” for me.

I created this site because I wanted to have a place where I could neatly store the information on making money online which I learned the hard way. And so that, in case I had friends, family, or acquaintances who wanted to learn how to make money online, I would have a site to refer them to which could point them in the right direction. Of course I will not try to “reinvent the wheel.” So in cases where I have found information in eBooks I have bought, I will refer others to those same eBooks, rather than trying to rewrite the content myself. I will also add information which I think can be useful to others and which is supplemental to the information in these eBooks. This might help to save a lot of time for people as I sometimes spent a long time researching and learning about different tools and methods of operation. By providing this information in simple terms, to those who read my site or my blog, I hope to assist them in their own online endeavors and save them from spending the time that I spent on these endeavors.

Another Reason Why I Created Building from Nothing

Well, as we all know, there are a ton of products and services available to help you make money online faster. There are how-to eBooks, software, memberships, free services, paid services, opportunities, methods, methods of getting website content, methods of advertising, etc.

Okay. It can sometimes be fun to wade through all of this and chose the items or services which will really assist one to make money money online. Sometimes it’s not fun though. Sometimes it’s a pain in the ______. And there are so many people wanting to sell you these things, that it can become difficult to differentiate between honest reviews and sales pitches. The sales pages for these items are often so long that I doubt any human being on earth has ever had time to read them in their entirety, besides the author. And these sales pages can be VERY confusing. Lots of Ra Ra Ra! about how great the product is, tons of testimonials and screen shots of increased earnings in Pay Pal Accounts. When all you really want to know is:

  • What is it
  • How Much Does It Cost
  • and
  • What Does It Do

Then when you do acquire your new software or service, you often have to learn how to use it and how it works. So you go through the user manuals and videos and finally figure it out and then, after you have spent anywhere from 2 to 10 hours on this, you can either start to use the software/service, or decide to refund it.

So I wanted to provide a place where people can get honest reviews of softwares and services.

“Yes, Anna,” you probably are thinking. “How do we know you are giving an honest review and not just trying to sell it to us so you can get a commission.”

Okay. Well here is how I can answer that:

I try LOTS of services, eBooks, products, and services. When I don’t like them, I refund them, and I don’t promote them. (You will just have to decide for yourself whether to believe me or not on that one.)

But at some point (when I have time) I will list out LOTS of different services and products I have tried – paid products, free products, any products. I will tell you which ones I liked and kept, and which ones I refunded. In this way, when I do give a good review of a product, you might at least realize that I mean it. Since I am not promoting all products as things that “YOU JUST GOTTA BUY _____ !!!!!”

I hope this strategy might give you some confidence that I actually am making choices about what I recommend and am not just haphazardly trying to promote anything with a commission attached to it.

Of course, I need some time to get to that, to write my product reviews and my posts, etc. I am putting up this “About Me” page as a starter. After having let this site sit on my backburner, with two lonely posts, for 6 months.

Remember, you can subscribe to be informed when I update this blog, so that any time I add new information, you will receive an email to let you know. You can also subscribe to my RSS feed (if you know what that means).

I plan to start out with posting some basic tutorials on how to get started, specifically on how to create your first website. This was the area I had the most trouble with in the beginning. Now that I know a streamlined and simple way in which anyone (technically trained or not) can create their first website (without purchasing any software), and now that I have researched this and learned the step-by-step actions which a beginner can take to create his/her first website easily, I would like to post this in a form that is simple for anyone to understand and follow. (Please note, this can literally save you hundreds of hours of trial and error. That’s what I went through in creating my first sites, recreating them, redoing them, fixing them, moving them, repairing them, et al.)

More About Me

If you have gotten this far and you are still reading this page, all I can say is … wow.

Okay. A little bit more about me since this is the “About Me” Page. I am also a poet and I am a student of the New York Institute of Photography extension course (NYIP). I have also won an award of merit from NYIP. You can see some of my photos at Anna Vera’s Photos. That is a blog I created in my early days online, before I realized that WordPress was really the way to go as far as blogs are concerned.

I am also a poet. I have been writing poetry since I was four years old. I have a self-published poetry book for sale, called Some of My Poetry But Not All of It which you can buy in softcover, hardcover, or as a download, in case you like poetry or in case you want to learn more about my deepest darkest thoughts.

I have also traveled in four continents, including North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. On my 19th birthday I completed a circumnavigation of the world. At the age of 18 I traveled through Mongolia alone on horseback. If you would like to read about that, I have another book available called Mongol Journal.

Thank you very much for visiting my site. I hope you will Subscribe to my email updates, and come back when I post more information.


Anna V. Williams

P.S.  I am now keeping a relatively up-to-date list of websites, blogs, Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages, social profiles, etc, at my Anna Vera Williams Squidoo Lens.  This does not include my sites in other niches, but it does include my personal pages, poetry sites, and Internet Marketing related pages.


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