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Do You Know What You’re Promoting?

We have all had something to say at one time or another about online scams; people who make money by selling things to others which they don’t need, which don’t do what they are said to do, and which can even waste people’s time or distract them from what they should be focused on – besides being a waste of money in the long run. And the fact is, that is far from the worst of it. Do you want to earn money by promoting unethical products? Probably not. But are you always fully aware of what you are promoting?

What to do if you get “fired” as an affiliate, by Amazon or anyone else, because of the state you live in

You may have heard about the recent commotion when and other affiliate networks had to drop all affiliates from certain states. If you lived in North Carolina, Hawaii, or Rhode Island, you might have received a notification from Amazon that you could no longer be their affiliate. For some people this may not seem like a big deal, but for some it is devastating.

Getting Feedback from your Website Visitors through Google Analytics

Even if you’re not able to survey every one of your website visitors to ask them what they think of your site and how they reacted to the different pages, there is still a substantial amount of feedback you can obtain indirectly, through Google Analytics.

Building from Nothing, not Building from $5,000

I would never ever recommend that someone new to Internet Marketing spend large sums for a coaching program, software package, or any other huge investment into online business. When I first began working online I did invest a bit more money than I had earned – that’s a bit hard to avoid in the beginning when you are still figuring things out, getting your sites up, and maybe making a few pennies on pay-per-click ads.